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More Than 900 Paid Tribute to Loved Ones Lost

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Hundreds of family members gathered in Kansas City for the 15th Annual Suicide Awareness Survivor Support Remembrance Walk earlier this month. CommCARE's FirstStepForHELP team participated at the event by offering information for suicide prevention through our 24-hour suicide prevention helpline.

Faith Leaders Support Efforts to Raise Awareness

Members of Safe Boundaries Response Panel as well as several committee moderators and the acting interim Executive Presbyter for Heartland Presbytery are shown in the photo above. Community advocate Ann Ditty distributed mirrors with resource info as a teaching tool for local faith leaders.

CommCARE encourages faith groups to share the following details in newsletters, bulletins, or on social media: "Finding the right kind of help for yourself or someone you care about is challenging. You may recognize help is needed, but feel powerless, exhausted, or overwhelmed when you try to find help for yourself or a parent, spouse, adult child, or young son or daughter. helps you sort through options and find ways to create a circle of care. You don't have to face the world alone. If you feel lost, alone, angry, or afraid. Or, if you are too numb to feel anything at all… Call day or night—it’s free. Call 1-888-279-8188. Visit"

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