KC-ATC Direct Referral Extended to CommCARE

PHOTO ABOVE: Staff Member at KC Assessment and Triage Center

KC-ATC’s policy board has approved CommCARE’s First Step For HELP Crisis Line to make direct referrals for crisis callers who previously were referred to the hospital or emergency room for assistance. Michelle Watson, CommCARE’s Director of Clinical Services, says, “This is exciting news for CommCARE and the greater KC Metro area. The ability to make direct referrals to the KC-ATC by CommCARE is outstanding. Hopefully, this helps alleviate the many individuals inundating the local ER's and hospital needing behavioral health assistance."

Kansas City Assessment and Triage Center (KC-ATC), which is operated by ReDiscover Mental Health, allows consumers to stay for up to 23 hours and to receive health assessment/triage, monitoring, psychiatric evaluation, crisis planning, discharge planning and follow up support. Referrals were originally only accepted from Kansas City Police Department and select local hospitals.  

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