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Gratitude in the Workplace? Important all year!

Our specialty at Alternatives EAP is workplace wellness. So, of course, one of our favorite days is Employee Appreciation Day, the unofficial holiday observed on the first Friday in March each year. This day is meant to remind all of us that it is critically important to show our appreciation to our staff, our team, and our co-workers. Boosting morale not only helps retain employees and their valuable expertise, it also creates an environment where employees are more productive.

Here are simple tips to help you celebrate employee appreciation all year long:

Write a thank you note to an employee for a job well done.Treat your staff to breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Host an office party after work to give everyone a chance to get to know each other.Celebrate big and small achievements on a regular basis.Celebrate every milestone.Thank people in person or in writing when they’ve been helpful to you.Give a shout out in a group e-mail when you’ve seen someone go above and beyond.Praise someone in a meeting.

REMEMBER: It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to show appreciation, and the rewards are huge. 

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