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Grant Awarded for First Step For HELP Program

Thanks to the Ultch Family Foundation for your generous contribution to support our cause.  This 2019 grant will focus on helping FIrst Step For HELP share information with schools, community organizations, clinics, and the public across the region.  

DID YOU KNOW? is a free service to meet the needs of our community.  We focus on the state of Missouri, but we extend our reach across state lines to include the entire Kansas City metro. Our highly-trained clinicians  accept and handle calls from anyone who needs help. 

Multilingual.  Always Confidential.  

Over the last year, our annual call volume was 18,546 calls.Our program covers 22 counties - and transitions callers to 7 community mental health organizations. In 2018, First Step for HELP became the third Missouri Call Center certified with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline as an affiliate for 816 and 660 area codes.

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