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Continued Growth for EPICC by CommCARE

Recovery efforts in the Kansas City Opioid Crisis are growing stronger. EPICC Program Manager Jonathan Boese says, "Since EPICC began, we have continued to add to our referrals more each month, growing 174% on average over the first 3 months."

The EPICC program by CommCARE is one of the first programs of its kind in the state of Missouri to fight the Opioid Crisis. EPICC is an acronym for Engaging Patients In Care Coordination. CommCARE is collaborating with six community mental health centers and six Kansas City-area hospitals to ensure patients are connected to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Substance Use and Mental Health treatment, and community resources as a way to enhance the recovery process.

Boese says, "This landmark program is so compelling because it is spearheaded by certified peer specialists who serve as EPICC Recovery Coaches, providing on-going peer support that starts in the Emergency Department and continues after hospital discharge."

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