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Compliance Means Quality

Meet CommCARE's Director of Compliance: Amber Dixon, CCEP, CPHQ, LSCSW. Amber says, "CommCARE has a clear code of conduct that all employees are required to follow, and it's my job to help employees reach the highest of standards all year long. Celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is an extension of CommCARE's ongoing commitment to quality. Compliance Week provides an important opportunity to shine an even brighter light on program policies, especially new and updated ones."

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is observed nationally November 4th through 10th.

CommCARE President and CEO Terry Trafton says, "We encourage all the companies we work with to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week. Adhering to compliance standards is what protects all consumers of healthcare services. Compliance Week provides a great opportunity to change workers’ attitudes towards compliance, educate them, and generally raise awareness of compliance in the workplace and the community. It's a very important part of everyone's well-being."

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