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Community Awareness at Film Screening

CommCARE met Veterans and other community members to discuss First Step for HELP services at the film screening of Weight of Honor, an award-winning documentary from Core Issue Productions about military family caregivers and catastrophically wounded veterans.

The stories of the 1.1 million family caregivers of post-9/11 military veterans are given the respect and admiration they deserve in filmmaker Stephanie Seldin Howard’s touching documentary, which also reveals the harsh realities that come with their responsibilities. Wives and mothers open their hearts to Howard as she reminisces with them about how their lives changed when a loved one was critically injured in war and the impact it has taken on their relationships and their own identity. 

The film was presented at the Missouri Regional Policy Academy by Caregivers on the Homefront.  The mission of Caregivers on the Homefront is to provide caregivers of our nation's veterans and first responders with hopefulness, a sense of togetherness, and a firm foundation of resiliency. 


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