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Come See Us at the Accept Zero 5K run

A team from CommCARE's First Step For HELP will spread the message that suicide is preventable and that support is available on April 6th at this important community event hosted by Comprehensive Mental Health Services. The Accept Zero 5K run  opens the opportunity to acknowledge the reality of suicide, those that we've lost, those that have survived, encourage dialogue and conversation, and begin to shift the culture, perceptions and beliefs regarding suicide.

Money raised from the 5K run will be used for increased training and education throughout the community on suicide - warning signs, assessing, referring, and supporting. Additionally, funds will also be available to those individuals who may be experiencing thoughts to end their life so that they can seek support and treatment without the additional worry about finances which may include rent due to eviction notices, utilities being shut off, basic needs due to loss of income, no insurance, and past due medical/hospital bills.

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