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CommCARE was proud to host a special traveling art exhibit from the Missouri Mental Health Foundation. The artwork (shown above) was part of the 2018 art competition created by talented  people with mental health, substance use and developmental challenges. 

CommCARE President and CEO Terry Trafton is also the Board President for The Missouri Mental Health Foundation. Terry says, "Art has a very unique power to break down stigmas associated with mental illness. Each piece of art in this special collection serves as a personal victory to the artist who created it. And, by sharing their talent and creativity, the exhibit is able to inspire and encourage everyone who sees the work."

The annual Director’s Creativity Showcase is sponsored by the Missouri Mental Health Foundation and the Missouri Department of Mental Health The art competition is open to any individual receiving services through the Missouri Department of Mental Health provider network. Entries for the 2019 showcase will be accepted until January 25, 2019.

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