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Program Overview

24 hours / 7 days a week 


A professional at Alternatives EAP, a subsidiary of CommCARE.

When your employees need personal help...

  • Short Term Counseling

  • Life and Health Coaching

  • Legal Consultation

  • Childcare / Eldercare Assistance

  • Grab-A-Ride Services

  • Money Management

  • Fraud Resolution / Identity Theft Assistance 

When your staff needs professional answers...

  • Consultation and Coaching for Managers

  • Mandatory Company Referrals

  • Critical Incident Response and Management

  • DOT Compliance Services

  • Supervisor and Manager Training

Workplace Support Services

Help for your staff with workplace challenges. 
Access to needed expertise. Alternatives EAP offers critically important resources to help your company's supervisors, managers, and HR specialists successfully navigate delicate compliance issues. We help your company comply with all DOT, both Federal and State, statues in the areas of substance abuse policy development and professional services, employee communications, and supervisory training programs.  

Personal Support Services

Help for your employees at work and home.
Round-the-clock availability. Alternatives EAP is an employee assistance program that features a 24 / 7 helpline and work-life services that include life and health coaching, behavioral risk management, emotional wellness, webinars, and an interactive EAP website that provides the latest in online information and solutions for employees and their eligible dependents.  


Look inside...

CommCARE's logo for Altenatives EAP.

When you select Alternatives EAP, your company receives access to a carefully curated array of high-quality support services that will enhance wellness in the workplace as well as in the personal lives of your employees.

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